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Enterprise Networks' goal is to provide an accessible, secure, and robust University network so reliable that it 'seems invisible'; we want the community to trust that their network will work all the time.

Our mandate is the provision of client service and support for voice and data communications. We manage a complex network which links McMaster buildings together and to the world, provide access to the Internet and research networks. We arrange telephone and data connections, offer long distance and wireless services, plan for growth in new and renovated facilities, and upgrade technology to meet client needs and optimize performance.

This infrastructure supports emerging network-enabled applications such as IP telephony and video conferencing, while continuing to provide the foundation for established tools such as email, World Wide Web access, course management systems, student online registration (and an emerging portal project), and diverse research applications.

Please contact the Technology Service Desk at extension 24357 for additional information on any aspect of our services.

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