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UTS Service Catalog

Your MacID is your user name, a unique, common identifier enabling single sign-on for a number of McMaster systems and applications. Your MacID is not your employee or student number. If you are unsure if you have a macid, it is generally, the first part of your email address before the @ symbol.

You are required to change your MacID password every year. Changing your password requires that you clear the saved passwords on your computer. Please see the Clearing Saved MacID Password Guide for instructions. Your MacID password is yours to keep secure. Do not share it with anyone.

Who Gets a MacID

  • Students - all students are provided a MacID.
  • Employees - all employees are provided a MacID.
  • Retirees - all retirees are provided for a MacID for life to allow access to their work record and tax documents and some MacID related services in the future.
  • Alumni - all alumni retain their student MacID to access their academic records and tax certificates in the future.

Getting Started

Obtaining and Activating Your MacID

  1. All employees,students and applicants are provided with a MacID. You must have your Person ID number and your corresponding barcode in order to activate your MacID. In addition, you must have access to your external email account.
    • Employee - Person ID # and barcode are provided through Human Resources.
    • Student - Person ID # and barcode have been provided by email from the Registrar's Office, Graduate Studies or Continuing Education.
  2. Your MacID can be activated at the MacID activation tool.

Your McMaster E-mail Account

Students and employees are provided McMaster email accounts once they become eligible for the email service. No action is required on your part to activate it. Student email accounts are on the G-Suite (Google) server and employee accounts are on the MacMail Exchange service.

Ongoing Maintenance