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Student Frequently Asked Questions

What is Office 365?

Who is eligible for Office 365?

How do I log into Office 365?

I already have a personal Microsoft Account, can I use this account?

How is Office 365 different from Microsoft Office 2016?

Is internet access required for Office 365?

Is Office 365 compatible with mobile devices?

I downloaded the Office 2016 Applications successfully, but it is in "Read Only" mode and I cannot edit any documents. What should I do?

I received an error that I was offline when trying to use Planner and other applications in the cloud.

What is OneDrive

What about security on Office 365 and OneDrive?

Where is my data being stored?

I cannot change my password in Office 365, Why not?

What is Microsoft Imagine?

What is the difference between Imagine Standard and Imagine Premium?

Are students eligible for any Windows upgrades?

Further Information

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