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Former Office 365 Portal Shutdown

McMaster has entered into a Campus Wide agreement with Microsoft. This license provides students, staff, and faculty access to a number of Microsoft services including Office 365 tools, applications, and volume licenses.

An Office 365 account for McMaster was setup previous to the Campus Wide license but will be shutdown. This means that any users who have been using this former portal will need to remove all documents stored in OneDrive and save them locally onto their personal computer or move them over to the new McMaster portal.

Any data not saved or removed from the portal after January 15th, will no longer be accessible.

How do I remove my documents before the portal is shutdown?

For more information on how to download your files and folder from OneDrive, click here. []

How to save your OneNote files

To save and back-up your OneNote documents, follow the how-to guide here:

How to Migrate Your OneNote Notebook from the Old Portal to the New Portal

For more information on how to migrate your OneNote Notebook from the old portal to the new portal, click Onenote Migration.pdf

How do I know if I am using the former Office 365 portal?

After signing in to the Office 365 portal, check to see if the documents listed below your applications have "testlivemcmaster" in the filepath. If they do, you are using the former portal. The new Office 365 portal's file path is "mcmasteru365".


There are also some visual differences that you can use to tell which portal you are signing into:

Example: Former Office 365 Portal Banner

former portal banner

Example: New Office 365 Portal Banner

new portal banner

How do I sign into the new portal?

To sign-in to the new portal, visit this page for more information:

Please note that only current students, faculty, and staff are eligible to access Office 365 through McMaster University. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the UTS service desk