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Microsoft Licenses Available for Purchase

McMaster has a Campus Agreement with Microsoft that provides Office and Windows products to staff and faculty at no charge. Through UTS, employees may now purchase a perpetual license on an individual basis, at substantially discounted prices, for software not covered by the Campus Agreement. Alternatively, users may purchase a subscription license.

A perpetual license means that you own the license forever once you have purchased it. If you wish to upgrade the license, you must purchase an entirely new license. This software may only be installed on University-owned and operated computers.

Prior to ordering and downloading the software, please be aware of the Software Return Policy as all software purchased is final sale and non-refundable.

Perpetual Software Downloads

To sign-in to the OnTheHub software page, follow these instructions:

  1. Find your MacID and when requested to sign-in, use your MacID followed by For example, if your MacID was smithj, you would enter "".
  2. Enter your MacID password.
  3. Navigate to the software you wish to purchase.

Click here to visit the software download centre.

Software Refund Policy

Software purchased through the OnTheHub software distribution site and downloaded will contain access to license keys and serial numbers for the software product. This information cannot be retrieved from the end user. As a result, software purchased from the OnTheHub site cannot be refunded. All software is final sale.

Prior to your purchase, you are responsible for:

  1. Ensuring that your computer meets the system requirements;
  2. Consulting the manufacturer(s) website to determine suitability of the software;
  3. Ensuring that you are purchasing the correct product;

If you have any questions or concerns about the products available, please contact the UTS help desk prior to purchasing the software.

Subscription Software Downloads

Annual subscription licenses can be purchased through UTS to be added to the Office 365 portal. Subscriptions include options for online only applications and desktop applications of software such as Visio, Project, and PowerBI Pro. For more information about Subscription licenses, contact

Further Information

  1. Staff and Faculty Frequently Asked Questions
  2. OnTheHub Instruction Guide - Coming soon.

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