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  Student Computer Labs

All UTS Computer Labs (except BSB 242) may be reserved for use by a class or group.

  1. Priority is always given to academic (class related) reservations.
  2. A calendar of weekly reservations is placed on the door of each lab. An unreserved timeslot is open for walk in use.
  3. UTS reserves the right to apply a charge for group reservations that are not of an academic endeavour
  4. Malfunctioning equipment can be reported to the UTS Lab hotline at ext 26444

NOTE: All users are responsible for following Lab Use Policies. Failure to do so could result in the loss of computing privileges.

Computer Lab Locations

Burke Science (BSB)
Rooms 241, 242, 244, 249


  1. BSB 241: 30 stations
  2. BSB 242: 12 stations
  3. BSB 244: 50 stations
  4. BSB 249: 49 stations
  5. Xerox Printer
  6. Projectors
  7. Televisions
John Hodgins Engineering (JHE)
Rooms 233 and 234


  1. JHE 233: 24 stations
  2. JHE 234: 26 stations
  3. Xerox Printer
Kenneth Taylor Hall (KTH)
Rooms B121 and B123


  1. KTH B121: 40 stations
  2. KTH B123: 39 stations
  3. Projectors
  4. Televisions


All labs are open daily (including Saturday and Sunday) 8:00 am to 11:00 pm. Closed on University holidays.

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