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Technology Project Submissions

As part of the annual budget process, the University Technology Committee invites submissions for funding from the University Technology Fund. 

For the 2007/08 fiscal year, there are a number of continuing projects that will require almost the entire Technology Fund allocation. Continuing projects are developing individual budgets to scrutinize the allocation is required. The Technology Committee recommended that submissions not be invited until after the budgets for continuing projects have been submitted and the amount remaining is known. This will ensure that those making submissions have realistic expectations of the funding available and that people do not spend undue effort making submissions for a very small fund.

Technology Fund projects should be of a scope and complexity such that they can generally be completed within the budget year.  Eligible projects include:

  • Those identified in the University Technology Strategy ( and shown on the chart below
  • Initiatives based on the use of technology designed to achieve the strategies set out in Refining Directions and the University Technology Strategy
  • Projects that benefit the McMaster community by demonstrating the creative use of technology, contributing to discovery and enhancing the student experience

Release of Submission Information
All materials submitted in support of applications to the Technology Fund may be made public to facilitate collaboration and to assist others in making applications.



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