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2006/07 Projects

A multi-year project to implement an HR/Payroll system to replace the legacy system ($1,300,000)

Registration by Section
A continuation of a multi-year project to enhance the Student On-Line Academic Registration (SOLAR) System to allow students to select the sections and components directly on-line. ($180,000)

Student Portal
Provide a web portal foundation for delivering student services on-line ($600,000)

University Financial System Replacement
Preliminary studies towards replacing the legacy financial system ($115,000)

Classroom Technology Renewal
Provide data projectors and other presentation technology in 21 classrooms ($300,000)

Software Auditing and License Management Tool
Provide a tool to manage concurrent software licenses and take advantage of cost savings by sharing a larger pool of concurrent licenses. ($80,000)

GO Transit Student ID Process
Provide an automated data feed to speed production of transit passes ($0 - UTS resources)

Business Intelligence
Extract data from diverse systems to provide reports for the Undergraduate Program Review and for the Budgeting process ($115,000)

Health Sciences Library e-Classroom
To provide computers for the Health Sciences Library e-Classroom that is part of the larger HSL expansion project ($42,000)

Payment Card Industry Compliance
To implement web-based payment facilities and upgrade security practices to Payment Card Industry standards ($115,000)

Web Enhanced Learning and Communications
To explore the use of web conferencing, recorded lectures and other web-related classroom teaching and learning technology and define the future direction for such technologies($155,000)

Video Conferencing Classroom - Social Sciences
To fit a classroom in Social Sciences with video conferencing facilities to support distance learning programs ($30,000)

Thode Learning Commons Pilot
To install 20 workstations in Thode Library as the first stage of a Learning Commons ($57,000)

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