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Technology Roundtable


  • To provide a forum for discussions of technology issues across the University
  • To identify opportunities for a common direction
  • To foster collaboration among technology centres for the greater good of the University
  • To promote a Service Oriented Architecture, defining priorities and requirements for web services and promoting the subscription of web services

The technology roundtable is initially hosted by University Technology Services because UTS saw a need and has moved to fill it. The Roundtable is not a committee, in that it does not report to any person or body in the University. It represents the best tradition of collegiality.

Each participant in the Roundtable is expected to advocate for the best interests of the University as a whole. This is best achieved by having each participant present the perspectives of their organizational unit while also considering the perspectives of all other groups in the University.  

Meeting Frequency:
Meetings are once per month with exceptions in December and during the Summer.

Meeting Management:

  • As an information sharing group, meetings will be informal
  • Out of respect for the time constraints of members, a chair will be appointed to create and circulate an agenda before the meeting and manage the meeting to the agenda.
  • Members are expected to identify issues that they feel are worth sharing and advise the chair for inclusion on the agenda.
  • The chair will circulate the agenda before the meeting to allow members to invite others who may be interested in the topics.
  • The Project Management Office will chair the first meeting at which the chair and the period of appointment will be determined.

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