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Think About IT

10 ways to a greener environment

  1. Ask yourself if you really need to print that document
  2. Switch off screens and other non essential devices at night
  3. If operating air-conditioning - close windows and doors
  4. Keep equipment clean and recycle it when no longer needed
  5. When making buying decisions - look for energy efficient devices
  6. Set your screen saver to put the monitor in stand-by
  7. Use video conferencing instead of driving to regular meetings
  8. If it's not in use - how about turning it off?
  9. Make the most of what you have before adding more
  10. Pass the message on...doing nothing gets nothing done

(The actual poster depicts the above information with a large green leaf background. At the bottom is the top portion of the planet Earth as seen from space, as well as a diagram depicting three bubbles labeled "Buy," "Dispose," and "Use" circled around one bubbled labeled "Think." At the bottom left corner is the "Do Not Dispose" logo to add emphasis to the proper recycling and disposal educate.)



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