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UTS Service Catalog

Current Rates for UTS Billable Services

UTS Hourly Service Rates

UTS uses standard hourly rate for billable services. Feel free to browse our Catalogue for a list of services we provide.

2019-2020 fiscal year - $95/hr

Web Server Disk Space

UTS also provides initial and additional web space for departmental website:

Standard web space allocation - 30MB - $47.50(annually)

Additional web space allocation - 10MB batches - $47.50(annually)

UTS Hosted VM

Reasonable cpu for the environment is included in the base cost of a VM, which is:

First year -$2500

(with 100GB disk, 8GB RAM and 4-8cpu as workload suggests)

Each Additional Year - $800

(RH license included, Windows license is per year at our campus agreement cost)

VM/Office Share Disk and RAM Upgrade

$50.00/GB RAM/Year

$50.00/100GB Disk/year