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Client Services

The Client Services Group is responsible for providing quality service and Level 1 priority support focused at administrative departments for issues arising from a defined set of services and software applications. The Client Services group also gives best effort support for services and software that fall outside the supported software list. We also train and provide documentation for customers on how to use new or changed services. 

General Services

  • Virus server update and maintenance
  • Liaise with EnterpriseNetwork, System, Technology Service Desk, Tech, Production Control and Data Services Groups on behalf of administrative departments and administrative staff

Desktop Services

  • Email client software support
  • Virus software support
  • Application software support for administration units

Web Services

  • Central web server software support
  • Cold Fusion web applications server software support
  • Liaise and consult with campus web administrators

LAN Services

  • Configuring clients on office servers
  • Review and analyze potential software for supported software list.
  • Testing and deploying new supported operating systems and applications
  • Software maintenance of LAN servers
  • Calendar server/client software support

Consulting Services

  • Consulting and advice
  • Limited assistance available for specialized departmental software applications
  • Advice on hardware/software standards

Education Services

  • Demonstrations and workshops for new software deployments
  • Documentation for supported software and services (TrendMicro, etc.)

Service Bulletins

  • MAC ID Password Expiry

    Beginning in May 2016, MAC ID passwords at McMaster expire annually. Learn more at

Service Desk

Client Self Service:
Hours: Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Phone: 905-525-9140 x24357 (2HELP)
Location: Main Campus BSB Rm. 245
Service Catalogue:

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