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McMaster University

Chancellors and Presidents

From 1888 to 1949, the head of McMaster was given the title Chancellor. In 1949, George P. Gilmour became both President and Chancellor, and in 1950 his title changed to President and Vice-Chancellor. From that time onward, the University had both a Chancellor as well as a President and Vice-Chancellor.


Years Name of Chancellor

1888-1890 Malcolm MacVicar
1890-1892 In the interval between the retirement of Chancellor MacVicar and the appointment of Chancellor Rand, the Faculties of Art and Theology were organized under the Chairmanship of Dr. Rand and Dr. Goodspeed, respectively.
1892-1895 Theodore Harding Rand
1895-1905 Rev. Oates C.S. Wallace
1905-1911 Alexander C. McKay
1911-1922 Abraham L. McCrimmon
1922-1941 Howard P. Whidden
1949-1950 George P. Gilmour (President and Chancellor)
1950-1955 E. Carey Fox
1955-1960 Roy L. Kellock
1960-1965 Charles P. Fell
1965-1971 D. Argue C. Martin
1971-1977 Lawrence T. Pennell
1977-1986 H. Allan B. Leal
1986-1992 John H. Panabaker
1992-1998 James H. Taylor
1998-2007 Melvin M. Hawkrigg
2007- 2013 Lynton R. Wilson
2013- present Suzanne Labarge

Presidents and Vice-Chancellors

Years Name of President and Vice-Chancellor
1950-1961 George P. Gilmour
1961-1972 Henry G. Thode
1972-1980 Arthur N. Bourns
1980-1990 Alvin A. Lee
1990-1995 Geraldine A. Kenney-Wallace
1995-2010 Peter J. George
2010-present Patrick Deane