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Apart from that which is scheduled for discussion in Open Session, all documentation and any discussion in this space is strictly confidential and must be treated as such by those who have been provided with access to this site.

MAC ID Terms of Use Acknowledgementcrest
The MAC ID issued to me along with my password is a unique code which identifies me to use McMaster University's computing systems and networks. It is my responsibility to guard the privacy of my password to protect against identity theft that could result in access to my personal information and the possibility of having it changed without my knowledge. I will not share my password with anyone. If at any time I feel that the confidentiality of my password has been or might be breached, I will change my password promptly and report to the University Technology Service Desk any concern that I have.

I understand that by using computing systems provided by the University I may be in a position to access information stored on those systems. I will abide by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).  I understand that confidential information is to be held in the strictest confidence whether means of access to such information is verbal, documented, computerized, or otherwise obtained. Intentional breach of confidence or negligent unauthorized release of this information could lead to revocation of my computing access privilege and possible disciplinary action.  I am responsible for any information entered into the University's administrative data system using my id and password.

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