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Faculty of Health Sciences Elections

The election of faculty members to the Senate is conducted from January to April of each year and by by-election as necessary. Information will be posted during the election periods. Please check the website for updates.

2018 Faculty of Health Sciences Elections

The nomination period closed on March 8th.


P. Baxter and M. Walton have been acclaimed to the Senate for a three-year terms.


C. Gombay has been acclaimed to GPCC for a three-year term.


J. Skelly has been acclaimed to the School of Nursing position for a three-year term.

An election is underway to elect individuals for the three open positions. D. Dath, P. Nair, D. Sloboda, and G. Werstuck are standing for election.

Voting tokens have been send to all eligible voters (Full time faculty holding appointments with Tenure or CAWAR as of July 1, 2018).

If you did not receive a voting token, or are having difficulties voting, please contact Rebecca Collier, Manager, FHS Faculty Relations

The polls will close at end of day March 29, 2018. 


Rules, Regulations and Terms of Reference