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Tenure and Promotion Appeals Nominating Committee

Terms of Reference

Article IX of the Senate By-Laws states:

136. The Tenure and Promotion Appeals Nominating Committee shall consist of six full-time tenured faculty members, normally at the rank of Professor, appointed by the Senate but not necessarily drawn from the Senate, one from each of the Faculties of Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences, none of whom, during his or her term on the Committee, shall be a member of a Faculty Tenure and Promotion Committee or of the Senate Committee on Appointments; and four members of the Committee constitute a quorum at any meeting thereof. The Chair shall be elected by and from the members of the Committee.

137. (a)     When an appeal of a tenure, a continuing appointment without annual review or a permanent teaching or promotion decision has been referred to the Committee, the Committee shall nominate to the Senate the membership of an Appeal Tribunal, composed of three full-time tenured or permanent members of faculty who have not been previously involved in the decision under review and who are at arm’s length from both parties to the appeal. The tribunal in each case shall normally consist of one member from the appellant’s Faculty and two members from outside the Faculty.

(b)     Each Appeal Tribunal shall normally report to the Senate within four months of its establishment.

Revised: June 2016

The Tenure and Promotion Appeals Nominating Committee consists of the following members for July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018:

Name Composition
Dr. Ron Balvers Faculty of Business
Dr. Jamal Deen Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Stephanie Atkinson Faculty of Health Sciences
Dr. William Hanley Faculty of Humanities
Vacant Faculty of Science
Dr. Ellen Badone Faculty of Social Sciences