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McMaster University

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Committee on Student Affairs

Terms of Reference

Article IX of the Senate By-Laws states:

138.   The Committee on Student Affairs shall consist of the Chancellor; the President; the Associate Vice-President (Students and Learning) and Dean of Students, who shall be Chair; three faculty members, at least one of whom shall be an elected faculty member of the Senate; three undergraduate students, one of whom shall be a part-time student and one of whom shall be a student residing in a University residence; and one graduate student. Of the student members, at least one shall be a member of the Senate. Five members of the Committee constitute a quorum at any meeting thereof.

139.  The Committee shall recommend to the Senate policies, and receive submissions, on non-academic aspects of student life, including University residences and student services, and on matters of student conduct and discipline.

      This responsibility shall include:

(a)   developing and periodically reviewing in consultation with relevant student leadership, for recommendation to the Senate, University codes of student conduct and discipline, including for resident students;

(b)  approving the constitutions of student residences and any amendments thereto;

(c)  receiving annually a report from the Dean of Student Affairs which shall include reference to non-academic disciplinary problems on campus; and

(d)  establishing such sub-committees as may from time to time be deemed necessary.

Revised: June 2016


The Committee on Student Affairs consists of the following members for July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018:

Name Composition
Dr. Suzanne Labarge Chancellor
Dr. Patrick Deane President
Mr. Sean Van Koughnett (Chair) Associate Vice-President (Students and Learning) and Dean of Students
Dr. Grace Kehler Faculty Member
Dr. James Gillett Faculty Member
Dr. Michael Farquharson Faculty Member of Senate
Ms Sinthu Senthillmohan Full-Time Undergraduate Student
Mr. Richard Piekarczyk-Vacca Part-Time Undergraduate Student
Mr. Vishvaraj Chokshi Residence Undergraduate Student
Ms Anita Acai Graduate Student Senator