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Committee on By-Laws

Terms of Reference

Article IX of the Senate By-Laws states:

131.  The Committee on By-laws shall consist of the Chancellor; the President; and four members appointed by the Senate, one of whom shall be a member of the Senate and one of whom shall be the Secretary of the Senate; and three members of the Committee constitute a quorum at any meeting thereof.

132.  The Committee shall make recommendations to the Senate:

(a)   for the appropriate form of any amendment to any by-law and of any new by-law, of the Senate or of a Council or of a Faculty, that the Senate has approved in principle;

(b)   for any alteration of any by-law, of the Senate or of a Council or a Faculty, deemed by the Committee to be necessary as a consequence of any amendment or of any new by-law approved by the Senate or to be desirable for reasons of consistency or the like;

(c)   on any matter pertaining to the by-laws of the Senate or of a Council or of a Faculty that may be referred to the Committee by the Senate, or on any such matter that the Committee may deem appropriate for the attention of the Senate.

Revised: June 2016


The Committee on By-Laws consists of the following members for July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019:

Name Composition
Dr. Suzanne Labarge Chancellor
Dr. Patrick Deane President
Ms Christi Garneau Secretary of the Senate
Dr. Ana Campos (Chair) Member of Senate
Dr. Peter Miu Member of Faculty
Dr. Meridith Griffin Member of Faculty