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McMaster University

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Remunerations Committee

Terms of Reference

The Board of Governors By-Law No. 1, section 15, sub-section 3 (i) states:

The Remunerations Committee shall be composed of not fewer than three members of the Board, in addition to the ex officio members who shall be the Chair and the Vice-Chair(s) of the Board, the President and the Vice-President (Administration). No employee of the University, other than the President and the Vice-President (Administration), shall be a member of the Remunerations Committee. Three members of the Committee, other than the President and Vice-President (Administration), shall constitute a quorum.

The primary function of the Remunerations Committee shall be to recommend to the Board policies regarding salaries, wages, benefits and other forms of remuneration and to provide advice, as necessary, to the University Administration in implementing and administering such policies.

In making its recommendations, the Committee shall have regard to the policies of the University as approved by the Finance Committee and the Board.


The Remunerations Committee consists of not fewer than three members of the Board of Governors.

The Remunerations Committee consists of the following members for July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019:

Name Type Position
E. Szathmáry (Emőke) Member Chair
N. Skelding (Neil) Member Vice-Chair
T. Valeri (Tony) Member  
S. Cruickshanks (Sandra) Member  
D. Williamson (David) Member  
P. Douglas (Paul) Ex Officio Chair of the Board
B. Merkel (Bradley) Ex Officio Vice-Chair of the Board
P. Deane (Patrick) Ex Officio President
R. Couldrey (Roger) Ex Officio Vice-President (Administration)
D. Henne (Deidre) Consultant  
W. McKenna (Wanda) Consultant