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McMaster University

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Faculty Grievance Review Panel

Faculty General Grievance Procedure


The President of the University and the President of the Faculty Association shall jointly appoint a full-time tenured faculty member as Chair of a Grievance Review Panel for a two-year term.  The two Presidents, in consultation with the Chair, shall appoint eight full-time, tenured faculty members, with at least one chosen from each Faculty, to a Grievance Review Panel for staggered three-year terms and shall appoint one or more of the members as Vice-Chair(s).  The Chair shall have the authority to delegate to the Vice-Chair(s)

Members Appointed by Senate

Name Faculty Term
Dr. Sherman Cheung Business (2017)
Dr. Joe McDermid Engineering (2018)
Dr. Brian Baetz Engineering (2017)
Dr. Lisa Schwartz Health Sciences (2019)
Dr. John Weaver Humanities (2016)
Dr. Barry Allen Humanities (2018)
Dr. Greg Slater Science (2018)
Dr. Sue Becker (Vice-Chair) Science (2018)
Dr. Dorothy Pawluch (Chair) Social Sciences (2017)