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Committee on Honorary Degrees

Terms of Reference

Article IX of the Senate By-Laws states:

123. The Committee on Honorary Degrees shall consist of the Chancellor, who shall be Chair; the President; and six other members of the Senate, one of whom shall be a member from among the members of the Alumni Association of the University on the Senate; and four members of the Committee constitute a quorum at any meeting thereof.

124.  The Committee shall make recommendations to the Senate of names of persons upon whom it is thought fitting to confer the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, Doctor of Science, Doctor of Letters, or any other honorary degree that may be established by the Senate.

Revised: April 2017


The Committee on Honorary Degrees consists of the following members for July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019:

Name Composition
Dr. Suzanne Labarge (Chair) Chancellor
Dr. Patrick Deane President
Dr. Spencer Smith Elected Faculty Member of Senate
Dr. Nancy Doubleday Elected Faculty Member of Senate
Dr. Brenda Vrkljan Elected Faculty Member of Senate
Dr. Megan Brickley Elected Faculty Member of Senate
Ms Beth Manganelli Staite Alumni Member of Senate