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Senate Board for Student Appeals

Terms of Reference

Article IX of the Senate By-Laws states:

125.  The Board for Student Appeals shall consist of 12 members appointed by the Senate for two-year terms, of whom six shall be members of the faculty who are not senior academic administrative officers, four shall be undergraduate students, and two shall be graduate students.  In addition, the Chair of the Board has the authority to appoint, on an ad hoc basis, faculty and students who are not members of the Board for Student Appeals to serve on appeal tribunals as auxiliary Board members. For meetings of the Board which do not relate to the hearing of a specific appeal, seven members of the Board constitute a quorum.

126.  The Board for Student Appeals

(a) shall adjudicate all student appeals from rulings of other authorities (e.g., Faculty Reviewing Committees, Deans, Associate or Assistant Deans) on matters of academic standing other than those involving solely a substantive academic judgment, and shall, where appropriate, adjudicate appeals by students in respect of any other allegation of injustice, except in cases where another body has been named as the final decision maker; and

(b) shall, when deemed appropriate, consider and make recommendations to the Senate on policy and procedure relating to student appeals.

127.   The hearing of an appeal shall be before a tribunal consisting of at least three members or auxiliary members of the Board for Student Appeals, one of whom shall be a student. They shall be chosen in accordance with procedures approved by the Senate.

128. Hearings before tribunals of the Board for Student Appeals shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures approved by the Senate.

Revised: June 2016

Membership for the 2017-18 academic year

The Senate Board for Student Appeals consists of the following members:

Name Composition
Dr. Suzanne Labarge Chancellor
Dr. Patrick Deane President
Dr. Audrey Hicks (Chair) Faculty Member (Science)
Dr. Aaron Schat (Vice-Chair) Faculty Member (Business)
Dr. Ian Dworkin Faculty Member (Science)
Dr. Phil White Faculty Member (Science)
Dr. Anne Niec Faculty Member (Health Sciences)
Dr. Sean Corner Faculty Member (Humanities)
Mr. Mitchell Hajnal Undergraduate Student (Social Sciences)
Ms Katilyn Laslo Undergraduate Student (Humanities)
Ms Rina Patel Undergraduate Student (Health Sciences)
Ms Veronica van der Vliet Undergraduate Student (Science)
Mr. Alexander Nielsen Graduate Student (Science)
Vacancy Graduate Student