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McMaster University

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Planning and Resources Committee

Terms of Reference

The Planning and Resources Committee shall be composed of not fewer than six members of the Board in addition to the Chair and the Vice-Chairs of the Board, the President, the Provost, and Vice-Presidents (or a designated delegate) as ex officio members. One-half of the membership of the Committee, excluding the President and Vice-Presidents, shall constitute quorum.

The primary responsibilities ofthe Planning and Resources Committee are:

Financial Affairs

  1. Provide oversight of the financial affairs of the University and keep the Board informed thereon;
  2. Approve financial expenditures as required by McMaster's Board by-law Appendix E - Resolution Respecting the Execution of Instruments by McMaster University;
  3. Review, at least once annually, interim financial statements in comparison with budgets;
  4. Review final annual budgets and make recommendations to the Board;
  5. Review and oversee the establishment of adequate financial controls to ensure the implementation ofpolicies and decisions adopted by the Board, including budgetary matters;
  6. Provide oversight of investment policies and the management of McMaster's investments and delegate such responsibilities as it sees fit to the University Administration in the implementation of established policies;
  7. Recommend to the Board of Governors the establishment and collection of fees and charges for tuition on behalf of any entity or organization of the University.

Capital Planning and Construction

  1. Review and approve plans for capital expenditures and all matters relating to building, expansion, maintenance or alteration of the physical resources of the University, as required by the Board of Governors by-law Appendix E-Resolution Respecting the Execution ofInstruments by McMaster University;
  2. Review and approve the award of contracts and the selection of professional consultants;
  3. Ensure capital projects and expenditures are within the resources of the University;
  4. With the approval of the Board, determine limits within which authority for commitment of funds may be delegated to University officials.
  5. When making decisions regarding building on campus, the Committee will consider factors that impact the aesthetic quality of campus, as well as the surrounding community.

The Committee shall be responsible for reviewing projects and proposals with consideration to both financial and planning aspects of University business.


The Planning and Resources Committee consists of the following members for July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019:

Name Type Position
S. Donnelly (Sean) Member Chair
K. Nye (Kevin) Member Vice-Chair
R.N. Perez (Rodrigo-Narro) Member  
D. Sloboda (Deborah) Member  
E. Alfanous (Essma) Member  
M. Runciman (Mark) Member  
D. Feather (David) Member  
D. Horwood (David) Member  
P. Douglas (Paul) Ex Officio Chair of the Board
B. Merkel (Brad) Ex Officio Vice-Chair of the Board
P. Deane (Patrick) Ex Officio President
D. Farrar (David) Ex Officio Provost
S. Denburg (Susan) Ex Officio Delegate - Dean and Vice-President (Health Sciences)
R. Baker (Rob) Ex Officio Vice-President (Research)
R. Couldrey (Roger) Ex Officio Vice-President (Administration)
M. Williams (Mary) Ex Officio Vice-President (University Advancement)
M. Henne (Deidre) Consultant Assistant Vice-President, Administration
M. Attalla (Mohamed) Consultant Assistant Vice-President, Facility Services
T. Smith (Tawnya) Observer Chief Internal Auditor
K. Nye (Kevin) Observer Chair, Audit Committee
L. Coslovi (Linda) Observer Executive Director, Finance and Planning

Investment Pool Committee

Terms of Reference

The Investment Pool Committee shall be a subcommittee of the Planning and Resources Committee and shall consist of not fewer than six members, as follows: at least two current members ofthe Board, appointed by the Board; two members with investment expertise appointed by the Planning and Resources Committee; the Assistant Vice-President (Administration), and the Treasurer. The President and Vice-President (Administration) shall be ex officio members, but shall have no vote. The Chair shall be designated by the Board of Governors from the Board appointed members on the Committee.

Four members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum.

Appointments shall become effective on July 1 and members shall hold office for a period of one year. Members shall be eligible for re-appointment,

The overall objective of the Investment Pool Committee is to bring advice and knowledge to the effective management of the investments included in the University's Investment Pool, consistent with the approved fund objectives.

Within this context, the Committee shall:

  1. review investment policies, objectives, strategies and make recommendations to the Planning and Resources Committee;
  2. make recommendations to the Planning and Resources Committee concerning the engagement and termination of investment managers and consultants;
  3. review and approve mandates and investment objectives given to individual investment managers;
  4. meet quarterly to monitor investment performance of the total Fund and of individual managers;
  5. meet regularly with external investment managers;
  6. monitor operating expenses such as fees paid to external fund managers, consultants, fund measurement services and custodians;
  7. monitor rebalancing of funds among the investment managers and exposure to non-Canadian currencies; and
  8. provide semi-annual performance reports to the Planning and Resources Committee.


The Investment Pool Committee consists of the following members for July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017:

Name Type Position
N. Skelding (Neil) Member Chair, Board Member
C. Leeder (Cyrill) Member Board Member
B. Brownlow (Barry) Member Appointed by the Finance Committee
J. Wellum (Jonathan) Member Appointed by the Finance Committee
D. Henne (Deidre) Member Assistant Vice-President (Administration) and CFO
S. Moore (Steven) Member Treasurer
P. Deane (Patrick) Ex Officio President
R. Couldrey (Roger) Ex Officio Vice-President (Administration)