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E-mail Forwarding & E-mail Alias Services

What is e-mail forwarding?
E'mail forwarding is not an e'mail account as it does not store messages for you to read and reply to. Rather it forwards mail, sent to your lifetime McMaster mail address, to your current personal e'mail account where you do read and reply to messages.

What is my e-mail forwarding address?
Your address will be in the form of

What is an e-mail alias?
Beginning in February 2003, Mac grads will be able to select their own e-mail address instead of being assigned a McMaster address. To sign up for the service, please visit our E-mail Alias web page.

Why sign up for the service?
A lifetime e'mail forwarding account allows you to provide friends and family with one e'mail address for life. No matter how many times you change jobs, ISPs and e-mail addresses, they will always be able to reach you through your McMaster address. Just keep your e'mail forwarding information up to date and the e'mail forwarding service will automatically forward to you any messages received at your McMaster address.

I've changed my internet service provider and now have a new e-mail address that I need to update so my McMaster forwarding e'mail address will continue to work. What do I do?

Login in to McMaster @lumni Community (M@C) with your username and password. If you've forgotten your password or need to update it, click here for instructions. Once into M@C, select My Profile and in the e'mail address text box, write over your current McMaster forwarding address with your new permanent e'mail address. Once entered, click submit. Do not worry that your McMaster address is now been overwritten. It will automatically return once your e'mail address has been updated on the server.

Due to the nature of the updating process established by our partner in this service, the McMaster Computing and Information Services (CIS) Department, it may take 2 to 3 days to have your record modified.

I just graduated, want to sign up for e-mail forwarding and select an alias and want to request the same address I had as a student. Is this possible?

Congratulations on completing your university studies! Due to the timing of the transfer of the data from the Registrar's Office to Office of Alumni Advancement, you cannot sign up for either M@C or our e'mail forwarding service until after your convocation ceremony and the transfer of information is complete.

CIS allows students who have just graduated a grace period when they can still use their MUSS address. For more information, please visit the CIS website at

I just received my e'mail forwarding address and would like to have it modified.

As of February 2003, you can select your own e-mail alias. To sign up for the service, please visit our E-mail Alias web page.

I'm a graduate student but can't seem to sign up for the E-mail Forwarding and Alias Services? What can I do?

As of February 2003, the Computer and Information Services at McMaster has informed us that graduate students within two years of studying at McMaster cannot sign up for these services due to current University policies. We are looking into problem and appreciate your patience.

To Subscribe to E-Mail Forwarding Service fill out the on-line Register form.

Please note we have been experiencing some issues regarding around e'mail spam and are working with the University to see if we can eliminate this problem.

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