Donations Processing - Services

Gift Processing

Our first and foremost function is to act as the donations processing unit for Development activities. As part of that function:

  • We cash all donation cheques, and process any credit card or pre-authorized chequing payments
  • We generate tax receipts and acknowledgements for donations and pledge payments
  • We transfer funds received to the Faculty, department, project or programme for which the funds were directed

Financial Control

For Financial Services, we reconcile all financial transactions to ensure both computer systems are consistent and that our financial presentations are mirrored in McMaster's Audited Financial Statements.

Financial Reporting

We produce Financial Reports that reflect all donations received by the university. These reports highlight the success of Annual Fund Giving and Campaign activity by a variety of segmented perspectives. University Advancement Senior Management staff use these reports in their many presentations to both the McMaster community and the public at-large.


All new University Advancement staff and other university members are invited to attend our training. We offer sessions on the philosophy of charitable giving at McMaster and hands-on use of the donations section of our computer database. To set up a session, please contact for either information or participation.

Information Sessions

We are available to participate on any other seminars or training sessions for the McMaster community that deal with charitable financial activities, such as trust management and event fundraising.

Potential Gift Consulting

In order for a financial transaction to be considered a charitable donation, it must meet the guidelines set out by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), all McMaster University policies and all relevant University Advancement policies. The Donations staff are available to discuss with McMaster employees situations that may allow a financial transaction to become a donation and those conditions which may preclude a transaction from qualifying as a donation.

For McMaster employees outside of University Advancement, they may consult their Decentralized Advancement Officer first. If their first contact is unable to answer their questions, the Donations staff can assist.

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