Biographical - Services


Training recordings are available for new University Advancement Staff and/or those staff members who wish to improve or upgrade their skills.

Biographical Maintenance

The creation of new records onto the Advance Database is performed by the biographical and research teams of Advancement Services. University Advancement Staff may request additional access provided proper training has been taken. Alumni access can be achieved through the alumni web community. This will permit the graduate to change their name, address, employment, add degree information from other colleges or universities and marital or child information.

Database Management

We ensure proper training, monitoring and updating of the Advance Database. We enlist support using data integrity reports to ensure accuracy is maintained while policies and procedures are adhered to. We ready donations received to allow generation of receipts and acknowledgement letters. We provide the necessary link between Advancement Services and Annual Fund phone center to ensure new information obtained by student callers is accurately reflected on the Advance database. In striving to perform the most accurate database possible, we perform daily traces through web, phone, and mail communication.

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