Environment Canada states that water use in the 20th century increased more than six fold, and continues to increase about twice as fast as the human population is increasing.

It is also shown that the current average North American diet requires over 1,800 m3 of water per person per year from both natural rainfall and irrigation; the diet of an average African living in the sub-Saharan region is produced with less than 650 m3 of water per person per year.

McMaster University continues to move towards conserving more water through innovative initiatives. The purpose of such projects is to decrease McMaster’s dependency on Municipal water system therefore resulting in a much more sustainable campus. Through the links to the left, you will find leading projects that McMaster has initiated that meet the above goal and its overall approach towards sustainability.


Environment Canada


April 24, 2017

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Check out the Water Conservation link to the left to see what projects McMaster University Office of Sustainability is working towards in an effort to conserve water in sustainable ways.