Waste Initiatives

2015 Initiatives:
Waste Diversion
Waste Reduction Plan
E-Waste Recycling
2015 Initiatives:
Waste Diversion
Waste Reduction Plan
E-Waste Recycling
2014 Initiatives:
Earth Day Electronic Waste Collection Event
Waste Diversion
Waste Reduction Plan
"This, That and the Other" Waste Catalogue
2013 Initiatives:
Residence Green Bin Pilot Project
Promoting Cardboard Construction
2012 Initiatives:
Waste Reduction & Diversion: A Study of Impact
Electronics Recycling Program Expansion
Written Work Submission Guidelines
Sustainable Procurement Guide
Composting Expansion
Waste Free Events
The Business of Waste
2011 Initiatives:
Composting Expansion
Composting Update
Water Fountain Retrofits
Water Fountain Retrofits Update
Plastic Bag Ban
2009 Waste Audit
IT Collection, Reuse & Recycle
Recycling Program Alignment
Plastic Bottle-Free Zone Expansion
Plastic Bottle-Free Zone Update
2010 Initiatives:
Waste Reduction Work Plan
Sustainable Purchasing
Big Garbage Pick-Up and Community Clean-Up
Water Fountain Retrofits
Plastic-Bottle-Free Zones
2009 Initiatives:
Waste Diversion Strategy
Sustainable Procurement
Water Fountain Retrofits
Campus Bag Policy
I.T. Collection, Reuse and Recycle
Pre-2009 Initiatives:
Battery Recycling

2011 (Current):

Composting Update (back to top)

Working with McMaster's Waste Services Provider, BFI, and Compost Service Providers, Planet Earth and Walker Environmental Group, McMaster has successfully expanded its composting program beyond Mary E. Keyes to include all of the following areas:

Mary E. Keyes
Bridges Café
Twelve Eighty
Union Market
La Piazza

Composting expansion start date: April 4, 2011

Water Fountain Retrofits Update (back to top)

Plastic Bag Ban (back to top)

McMaster University is the second University in North America to formally ban the sale and distribution of single-use plastic bags campus-wide! Find out more.

2009 Waste Audit (back to top)

Click on the highlighted link to see McMaster's 2009 Waste Audit. Congratulations McMaster for achieving a diversion rate of 63%!

Plastic Bottle-Free Zone Update (back to top)

On February 28th, 2011, the MSU Staff pledged to make the MSU Main Office a plastic bottle free zone. Learn more about this initiative and how you can get involved by going to: http://plasticbottlefree.com/

Within one month of the installing a retrofitted fountain in the MSU Main Office, which took place on February 14th 2011, 749 single use bottles have been saved as a result of refilling!

Archived Initiatives (pre 2009)

Battery Recycling (back to top)

McMaster has policy regarding the proper disposal of batteries on campus. Check out the Battery Recycling and Disposal Program document to learn more about the policy and about where you can drop off your batteries.


May 12, 2017