Coffee Cups

One of the major questions about recycling on campus is: "Can I recycle my coffee cup?"

One look at the recycling bins at the Student Centre will tell you that most people don't know the answer to this question. No, coffee cups are not recyclable on campus. You can only place the coffee cup lid into the containers blue bin on campus and paper sleeves into the paper blue bin.

Only 100% paper coffee cups can be composted. Look for compost facilities at Union Market or during waste-free events on campus. You will be able to distinguish between a 100% paper cup and a plastic-lined cup because the coffee will normally leave a stain on the inside of the paper cup. Please refer to a recent article Disposable Coffee Cup and Waste Reduction Study for more information on the true compostability of coffee cups in the City of Hamilton.

Placing coffee cups into the recycling bin is a serious problem for recycling at Mac, as every cup that's mistakenly thrown in a recycling bin brings that bin one step closer to being contaminated beyond salvage. If you love coffee but don't want to be wasteful, bring a travel mug. Remember, it is better to reduce than it is to recycle!

Another reason to use a travel mug is that you will receive a discount on the coffee you purchase. Take 10 cents off your Tim Hortons coffee, only pay $1.25 at Union Market. It is a win-win situation!











December 19, 2011