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Green Space
Health & Wellbeing
Campus Buildings
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General Sustainability

[18-Oct-2012] Sustainability Day
[01-Nov-2011] Planning for a greener Mohawk
[17-Oct-2011] Sustainability Day and IT Collection
[15-Apr-2011] Helping the University budget and the environment
[Jan-2011] Mac Parent Newsletter - Winter 2011 Issue
[03-Nov-2010] Higher marks for sustainability
[21-Oct-2010] Sustainability Day at McMaster
[20-Aug-2010] CAUBO recognizes McMaster initiatives
[29-July-2010] Sustainable security
[09-Mar-2010] Many shades of green art
[26-Nov-2009] Committing to a sustainable campus
[21-Oct-2009] Sustainability Day at McMaster
[20-Mar-2009] In Control: Sustainability: Going Green
[06-Mar-2009] McMaster Launches Sustainability Website
[30-Oct-2008] McMaster Community Attends Annual Sustainability Day
[25-Aug-2005] McMaster Gets High Marks for Improving the Environment


[24-March-2011] Coffee cup castles
[14-March-2011] No essays, just a greener library
[09-Dec-2009] New initiative helps students study sustainability
[13-June-2009] Engineering puts focus on sustainability


[09-March-2011] Residences energized for campus competition
[25-Feb-2011] Tony Cupido on an IBM FOAK Program at McMaster
[14-Oct-2009] McMaster, Union Gas partner to create Energy Audit Program

Green Space

[26-July-2012] Green Roof Initiative survey
[11-July-2012] McMaster Teaching and Community Garden opens to the public

Health & Wellbeing

[01-Oct-2012] Athletics and Recreation Go Green
[17-Sept-2012] Open Streets McMaster Edition
[01-June-2009] MACtive participants log over 1 million minutes of exercise


[29-Nov-2012] McMaster wins Smart Commute Awards
[29-Nov-2012] McMaster recognized for sustainable transportation
[26-Oct-2012] First CAN-BIKE course at McMaster
[23-Oct-2012] CAN-BIKE Pilot course
[07-Nov-2011] Canada's best cycling schools
[30-May-2011] Bike to Work Day
[16-May-2011] Hamilton Car Share launches vehicle at Mac
[19-Aug-2010] Campus construction
[29-June-2010] Clean Air Commute
[01-June-2020] Car sharing coming to campus
[15-April-2010] Free bicycle storage on campus
[01-Mar-2010] Smart Commute News Letter
[01-Feb-2010] Carpool Week 2010
[13- Jan-2010] Rapid Transit Survey Results
[01-Dec-2009] University and City seek input on transit
[30-Nov-2009] Smart Commute Employer of the Year
[29-Oct-2009] Cycling to campus a great way to commute
[21-Sept-2009] Car Free Day
[05-Aug-2009] Welcome Day at McMaster
[18-Jun-2009] Commuter Challenge exceeds expectations
[01-Jun-2009] Commuter Challenge begins at McMaster
[03-Jun-2008] McMaster Gears up for Commuter Challenge
[04-Sept-2007] Square One GO Bus Terminal Park & Ride
[22-Jun-2007] Winners Announced In Commuter Challenge
[05-Apr-2007] GO bus terminal officially opens
[02-Nov-2006] Construction of GO Bus Centre
[20-Oct-2006] McMaster to receive Corporate Commuter Challenge trophy
[21-Jul-2006] Campus GO terminal being planned
[12-Jun-2006] Parking changes due to construction
[08-Jun-2006] Commuter Challenge cycles to a close
[05-Jun-2006] All aboard for the 2006 Commuter Challenge
[09-May-2005] Security Services and Parking and Transit Services to become one unit
[22-Apr-2005] Thumbs up, or out, for Earth Day
[29-Nov-2004] McMaster forum tackles demand for dwindling energy capacity
[21-May-2004] Posted on May 21: Commuters challenged to get fit, help the environment
[08-Oct-2003] Off-campus lot to ease parking crunch
[08-May-2003] A match made at McMaster
[22-Apr-2003] Carpooling program gears up at McMaster
[19-Aug-2002] ACT office combats parking problems
[28-May-2002] Third Annual Commuter Challenge June 2-8
[25-May-2001] Keep our air clean: Bike, run, walk or skate to work June 3-9


[4-February-2012] Composting program debuts in Keyes residence
[11-March-2011] MSU says goodbye to plastic bottles
[14-Oct-2010] Green IT initiative means university uses less paper
[17-Sept-2010] Students, neighbours team up to clean up
[20-April-2010] Large item swap and pick-up
[03-Dec-2009] Helping the University budget and the environment
[25-Sept-2009] Second Annual Kickoff Cleanup
[11-Sept-2009] McMaster to ban plastic bags on campus
[21-July-2009] Expansion of campus recycling program
[13-May-2009] One person's trash is another person's treasure
[04-May-2009] McMaster's Career site goes green
[21-April-2009] The Greening of Titles


[16-Sept-2010] From the skies to your water bottle
[13-Oct-2009] RBC donates $1.5-million to water projects

Campus Buildings

[22-July-2011] Gold is green for DeGroote School of Business
[23-Oct-2009] Engineering Technology Building opened today
[29-April-2009] McMaster Takes the L.E.E.D
[13-April-2009] New Engineering building at the forefront of sustainable building policy
[06-Jan-2009] Future face of McMaster: Engineering building at Forefront of technology, design, construction (Hamilton Spectator)

Hospitality Services

[19-Mar-2009] Hospitality Services Serves up Sustainable Eating
[24-Oct-2007] Bridges Cafe Grows Greener Menu


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