Staff & Faculty

Below is a list of resources on campus dedicated to the health and wellbeing of McMaster University's Staff and Faculty. Read more about how each one is related to sustainability.

Emergency First Response Team (EFRT)

The McMaster Students Union Emergency First Response Team (EFRT) is a group of approximately 30 student volunteers who provide emergency medical services to the McMaster Campus, with an average response time of 2-3 minutes. All responders are certified Emergency Medical Responders, with more senior members being trained in International Trauma Life Support (ITLS), and Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS).

Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

The EFAP provides you with access to confidential counselling services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at no cost to you. Practical online resources for improving health and well-being offer you the choice of learning at your own pace and on your own schedule. McMaster's EFAP provider is Homewood Human Solutions and their website can be accessed here.

Employee Health Services

Supporting our employees is our most important role. At McMaster University we provide programs and services to help employees lead healthier lives, in and out of the workplace.

Employee Health Services is available to assist you in maximizing the relationship between your job and your health.  We are committed to supporting employees in returning to work following an injury or illness, facilitating workplace accommodations and fostering healthier work environments.

We provide on-site occupational health resources which gives employees access to specially trained medical personnel.

Our core programs and services include:

  • Managing injury, illness leaves and attendance support
  • Workplace Accommodation

~ Lisa Morine, Senior Manager Health, Safety and Risk Management

Healthy Workplace

McMaster strives to optimize the health and well being of our employees by providing comprehensive workplace health strategies. Our Healthy Workplace Program provides employee and family assistance, health promotion and wellness services. Our shared goal is to create and nurture a healthy workplace conducive to a productive, respectful and supportive environment where employee feel recognized and valued.

Some of the programs we provide include, Healthy Workplace Month, Employee Health Challenge, Employee Influenza Clinics, Mental Health Awareness Week, and Chronic Disease Workshops. ~ Program Coordinator, Engagement & Wellness, ext. 24083

Human Rights & Equity Services (HRES):

McMaster University affirms the right of every member of its community to live, study and work in an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.  The Human Rights & Equity Services Office (HRES) ensures that McMaster’s Sexual Harassment Policy (SHP) and Anti-Discrimination Policy (ADP) are administered efficiently, effectively and fairly.  HRES also works with campus community members to further develop McMaster as a community where all students, staff and faculty can learn, work and live in an environment that fosters equality and respect. 

HRES promotes an environment free from discrimination and harassment, and provides confidential services which include:

  • Consultation and advice on human rights-related issues
  • Guidance on the dispute resolution processes and attempts for confidential resolution under the SHP and ADP
  • Awareness-raising and education on harassment, discrimination, accommodation, and other  human rights-related issues

Organizational Development

The main features - Career Planning and Development, Employee Volunteering and Awards & Recognition - continue to be the key drivers of of Human Resources Services and are promoted through the comprehensive website. The website provides a connection for all McMaster employees and exhibits a partnership between Human Resources Services and employee teams across campus, which is a different approach and direction from a typical university HR website.

Our core programs and services include:

  • Employee & Family Assistance Program
  • Healthy Workplace

~ Deb Garland, Team Lead, Engagement & Wellness, ext. 24556

May 12, 2017