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At McMaster, we are taking a holistic approach to sustainability. By investing in our human resources as well as in our environmental resources we can truly improve the sustainability of our campus in the broadest sense.

There are many groups currently established around campus that focus solely on improving the health and wellbeing of staff and students.

A list of resources and a brief overview of each group can be found in the 'Staff & Faculty' and 'Student' links highlighted to the left. If you are interested in learning more about Living Green , there is also a link devoted to just that.

























April 24, 2017

News and Events

Annual Health & Safety Fair

McMaster summer student employees took part in the annual Health & Safety Fair at McMaster University, hosted by North American Occupational Safety & Health (NAOSH). We were able to showcase how we test campus lab fume hoods to ensure they are working properly. We also provided information on the Shut the Sash initiative, which reminds those using fume hoods to keep the sash closed when not in use. This contributes to energy savings, as well as safer labs on campus. There are many health and safety concerns when it comes to working in labs, and ensuring that fume hoods are safe is just as important as the safety measures we adhere to when testing them.

Healthy Sustainable Eating

Interested in cooking healthy meals using local ingredients? Be sure to read the Easy Sustainable Cooking Recipe Book! Emily Trudeau and Jackie Brown have developed this cookbook in the Sustain 2A03 class of 2013.

Hamilton Community Garden Network (HCGN)

The Hamilton Community Garden Network is Working group composed of community garden organizers, garden members, and other stakeholders who promote community gardening in Hamilton from the perspective of improving food security and increasing community involvement.  The HCGN strives to promote collaborations and capacity-building, maintain an up-to-date network, work towards and advocate for long term sustainability, and assist in research.

Supported by a generous grant from The Ontario Trillium Foundation, partners including the City of Hamilton Departments of Public Health and Public Works, North Hamilton Community Health Centre, Neighbour to Neighbour, the Canadian Organic Growers (Hamilton Chapter), AMH Services, CityHousing Hamilton, and citizen volunteers, the Hamilton Community Garden Network (HCGN) is growing strong in 2011.  

In addition to funding for Network resources such as outreach sessions,workshops, coordinator guides, and advertising, the HCGN has a full-time coordinator working out of Green Venture.   Network coordinator, Clare Wagner, can be contacted at or 905.540.8787 ext 158.  Learn more about the network at