Energy Initiatives

2017 Initiatives:
Domain Control Ventilation and Retro Commissioning - JHE and MDCL
2016 Initiatives:
Residences Lighting Retrofits
Chiller Replacement - Art Gallery
Conversion of City Water Cooling on Process Units to Chilled Water Loop
2015 Initiatives:
University Hall Controls Retrofit
Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) - ABB Undergraduate Labs
Conversion of City Water Cooling on Process Units to Chilled Water Loop
2014 Initiatives:
Building Exhaust Fans and Domestic Hot Water Pumps
Indoor Corridors / Stairwells LED Lighting
Fume Hood Retrofits and Upgrades Projects
All Building Mechanical Fan Belt Upgrade
Energy Dashboard
McMaster Energy Management Plan
Mac Kill-O-Watt Challenge
Provincial Electricity Grid Balancing Project
LED Lighting Retrofit in TSH Basement
Utility Consumption Database
2013 Initiatives:
Think Bright, Think LED
2012 Initiatives:
Utilities Dashboard
Climate Action Plan Update
Sustainable Printing Initiative 
2011 Initiatives:
Beverage Vending Machine Energy Usage
Climate Action Plan Update
Desktop Power Management
Desktop Power Management Update
Plug Load Analysis
Solar Thermal Heating
Residence-Wide Energy Challenge
2010 Initiatives:
Climate Action Plan
Print Management Strategy
2009 Initiatives:
Desktop Power Management
Carbon Inventory
Pre-2009 Initiatives:
Green Power
The Campus Renewal Partnership


Climate Action Plan Update (back to top)

McMaster University has worked with Zero Footprint to complete a campus-wide Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the baseline year of 2007. This inventory provided the foundation for which to build McMaster's Climate Action Plan.

Desktop Power Management Update (back to top)

McMaster's Faculty of Health Sciences piloted the desktop power management software on 24 PCs. Upon implementation, each PC is saving approximately $4/month. This is a total annual savings of approximately $1,152 for the entire computer lab.

Plug Load Analysis (back to top)

As part of McMaster University’s Energy Plan, and to support McMaster's Climate Action Planning, the Office of Sustainability and Facility Services have worked with two student interns to conduct a campus-wide plug-load analysis of all campus buildings.

An inventory has been taken of all electrical devices within each building, such as the number and types of computers, printers and other electrical equipment and appliances, as well as information on the type and level of lighting used in each room and corridor.

The information obtained is currently being analyzed and will help determine where energy reduction and conservation efforts should be focused and where facility upgrades and efficiencies can be made.

A copy of the plug-load analysis inventory can be found here.

Archived Initiatives (Pre-2009)

Green Power (back to top)

McMaster University purchases renewable energy credits for Burke Science Building. Working with a company called Enermodal, who source out the best costs, MAC purchases investments in green energy. This supports the power generators who are engaging in environmentally sustainable power generation. This is also a source of L.E.E.D energy credits for the University.

The Campus Renewal Partnership (back to top)

The Campus Renewal Partnership, an initiative conducted at McMaster between 2003 and 2005,has resulted in over $1.5 million annually in utility savings.

Much of energy saved has resulted due to lighting fixture upgrades, occupancy sensors, window replacements, and caulking and weather-stripping of campus buildings.

You will be able to find information about this project from the Campus Renewal Partnership website.


April 20, 2017