Transportation Initiatives

2016 Initiatives:
Annual Bike to Work Day
Bike Share
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
2015 Initiatives:
Annual Bike to Work Day
Bike Share
2014 Initiatives:
Annual Bike to Work Day
2013 Initiatives:
Bike Repair Station
Bike Share System
2012 Initiatives:
Carpool Week
Flex Pass
Long Term Bike Rack Recommendation Plan
2011 Initiatives:
Bike Racks
Cycle Safe Campaign
Flex Pass
Transportation Survey Results
Transportation Survey Updates
2010 Initiatives:
Bike Racks
Bike Share
Clean Air Commute
2009 Initiatives:
2009 Smart Commute Employer of the Year!
Automobile Sharing Program
Transportation Survey
Secure Bike Storage Facility
Commuter Challenge
Campus Bike Rack Reorganization
Pre-2009 Initiatives:
The Real Green Parking

2011 Initiatives (Current):

Transportation Survey Updates (back to top)

As a result of a questionnaire that was sent to all McMaster staff, faculty and students last October regarding individual travel behaviour, including various modes of transportation and attitudes towards them, a rich set of information was collected. This data is currently being analyzed by researchers in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences. Analysis of the data will support academic research and will help to inform the Office of Sustainability and Parking Services around transportation demand management, campus sustainability initiatives, and McMaster’s GHG Inventory and related Climate Action Plan.

Initial findings from this study show that 45% of respondents agree or strongly agree that they limit their automobile travel to improve the environment.

Modal split for faculty and staff is as follows:
18% choose to walk or cycle
65% drive a personal automobile
13% ride the HSR

Modal split for students is as follows:
37% choose to walk or cycle
24% drive a personal automobile
39% ride the HSR

A more detailed report will be released this in the summer of 2011 and will be posted on the Office of Sustainability website.

As this was an incentive-based survey, here is a list of participants whose names were drawn to receive a Titles Bookstore gift card:
Janet Chaing ($100)
Ruwani Mahathantila ($200)
Aine Leadbeak ($200)
Angela Cody ($300)
Vaneet Rakhara ($400)
Vikki Cecchetto ($500)

2009 Initiatives:

2009 Smart Commute Employer of the Year! (back to top)

Congratulations! McMaster University was awarded the 2009 Smart Commute Employer of the Year award on November 17th for our commitment to active and sustainable forms of transportation.

Smart Commute

Archived Initiatives (Pre-2009):

The Real Green Parking (back to top)

The previous ACT Office had partnered with MacGreen, MACycle and Diversity Services to install two additional bicycle racks on campus over the summer of 2008. These bicycle racks are intended to help promote cycling as a mode of transportation, rather than driving a car. A cost comparison between cycling and automobile use will help encourage people to evaluate the real costs of their modal choice. Through tremendous generosity, Bike-Up has donated one of these racks to help support the promotion. Sources for the information used can be found here.


May 10, 2017