Community CarShare

McMaster University and Community CarShare, the city's non-profit car-sharing co-operative, have worked together to bring car sharing to McMaster's main campus, McMaster Innovation Park and McMaster Downtown Health Centre. The below table presents helpful information on the cars that are located at the listed locations at McMaster.

The rates and cost for to join in Hamilton are broken down as follows:

Who is eligible?

In order to meet our insurance requirements members must:

      • Be over the age of 18
      • Have a valid G2 or G class Ontario license (or another province’s equivalent)
      • Have a minimum of 2 years of time being a licensed driver
      • Have no ‘at-fault’ accidents in the past 3 years
      • Have no more than 2 ‘minor’ violations such as speeding or talking on a handheld device
      • Have no criminal driving convictions

For more information about Community CarShare or to sign up online, visit

If you would like to drive less but you still need the use of a car on occasion, CarShare may be the right alternative for you to owning a personal vehicle or a great way to add a second family vehicle without actually having to buy one. Community CarShare is a non-profit car sharing co-operative, which provides access to vehicles without the costs of ownership.

Operating in the Waterloo Region since 1998, Grand River CarShare began as a grassroots co-operative, and in 2009, expanded to Hamilton. Community CarShare provides 24 hours, self-serve access to a fleet of cars that are placed within close proximity to your home or place of employment. This means that no matter where you are, you can still have the comfort of knowing you have access to a vehicle when you need one without the costs of ownership. This will allow you to reduce your ecological footprint by driving less and increase your vitality by using more active forms of transportation, all while saving money on transportation costs.

As a cooperative we care about improving the communities in which we operate by providing a sustainable transportation option for the future, and as a non-profit we strive to keep our rates low to save you money. We are member owned, so this means you will have a voice in how your CarShare is operated.

AFFORDABLE: Only pay when you drive.

CONVENIENT LOCATIONS: Cars are centrally located in the downtown core and at McMaster University.

EASY TO USE RESERVATION SYSTEM: Reserving is as simple as a phone call or online reservation system, available 24 hours a day.

HASSLE FREE: Members do not need to worry about the often hidden and unexpected costs of maintaining and driving a personally owned automobile.

CLEAN: CarSharing has proven to reduce auto emissions an average of 50% per member.

COMMUNITY BUILDING: Members respect each other and participate more actively in their community.

INNOVATIVE AND FAIR: The co-operative structure encourages inclusion and democracy.

FAMILY ACCESSIBLE: Newer car models that seat up to 6 people and each car is fully equipped with car seat anchors (members must use their own carseats).

May 10 , 2017