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  • Exchanging ideas and information on post-secondary teaching and learning.
  • Collaborating with people who believe that teaching is important and that dedication to its improvement should be recognized.
  • Recognition of teaching excellence through award programs such as the 3M National Teaching Fellowships, the Alan Blizzard Award, and the Christopher Knapper Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Publications including a tri-annual newsletter and an online networking guide.
  • Our annual conference.
  • 20% discount from Magna Publications.
  • Discounted subscription rate for the International Journal of Academic Development and other journals published by the Taylor and Francis group.

The road to professional improvement is best walked in the company of enthusiastic peers.

A Testimonial—Daryl Caswell, University of Calgary

I attended engineering education conferences prior to my association with STLHE and it became clear to me that the concepts we were developing were not going to fly in the very conservative and traditional world of engineering education. Even the front runners were, in our view, re-packaging old ideas.

At STLHE, we were able to find not only support for other ways of thinking about education, but constructive criticism as well. I recall one presentation we made in the McMaster conference where I made a statement that the students were purposely kept in the dark about the validity of the solution path they were taking in a particular project. Although I was adamant that this was central to the students' learning to think independently, it was pointed out to me by one of the long time STLHE members that I needed to ensure that, at some point we pulled it all together for the students rather than hoping that they do it themselves.

This was a key issue that we have worked hard to address through reflective writing, memos, log books and even letters to next year's classes. That is the kind of thoughtful support that STLHE fosters. We often remark rarity of people who "get it" in either education or creative problem solving and design. STLHE represents the highest concentration of those people. I am convinced that, had we remained in the engineering education environment, we would have developed a reputation as "kooks" rather than innovators. As it stands now, we were able to present a well developed, fully functional, well documented new direction for engineering design education that the ASEE recognized as innovative and worthy of attention.

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