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Circular Economy & Carbon Mitigation
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Carbon Mitigation - September 2020

Climate change strategies are an integral part of every organization and for professionals addressing the changing landscape of regulatory frameworks, stakeholder pressures, and economic drivers – foresight, strategic planning, and advancements in innovative technologies are required. Implementing climate change strategies that not only address these pressures but actually reduce your organizations carbon footprint requires the tools to integrate an effective carbon mitigation plan. You’ll access knowledge, case studies, and tools to navigate climate change challenges for your organization from any level.

Circular Economy - October 2020

Circular economy is an emerging approach to product design, manufacturing processes, and environmental management. Moving away from our traditional linear model of “take, make, waste” to a systematic approach of material reuse, resource circularity, and the elimination of wasted resources. Organizations around the world are adopting circular economy principles to facilitate a transition caused by economic, environmental, and resource pressures. You’ll access knowledge, case studies, and tools to navigate circular economy opportunities and position yourself to help lead from any level of the organization.

Leading Transition - March 2021

Canada’s transition to a circular, climate positive economy depends on courageous leaders from business, government and civil society. New competencies and innovative models of leadership are needed to solve the world’s biggest transition issues – climate change, resource depletion, social and ecological justice, technology and artificial intelligence. The new mindset expands our focus from efficiency to effectiveness; from crisis to opportunity. You’ll access knowledge, case studies, and tools to navigate Canada’s most pressing transition issues and position yourself to help lead transition from any level of the organization.

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Carbon Mitigation
Circular Economy
Leading Transition
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