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Connect with a different kind of learning program. This professional certificate program delivers a comprehensive, subject-focused program in a 3-day, conference-style format with academic grounding, guest speakers, and application. You will gain foundational knowledge and apply it through case studies and practice exercises alongside talks from numerous leaders in the private and public sectors.

Benefits of a conference-style professional certificate:

  • Burst sessions of 60-90 minutes per topic
  • Focused delivery over three days
  • The latest case studies of success and challenges
  • Guest speakers applying current practices in use today
  • Networking & collaboration opportunities with fellow participants
  • Cost-effective modular approach

Our goal is to arm you with the knowledge and tools to create value in your organization today and provide ongoing access to resources to support your lifelong learning.

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Upcoming Events

COMING SOON Two new Sustainable Infrastructure courses: Low-Impact Development & Climate Resilience and Design & Engineering. For registration dates and course updates, sign up for our newsletter.

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The registration for Carbon Mitigation (September 22-24, 2021) and Circular Economy (October 27-29, 2021) is now open. For more information register below.

Tools and Resources

Latest Release:

Materiality Assessment Tool v1.0 (released Jan, 2020)

Dependency Tool v1.0 (released Oct, 2019)
MACC Tool v1.0 (released July, 2019)
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Circular Economy

Carbon Mitigation

Leading Transition

Sustainable Infrastructure

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