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19 Works with a Printed Dedication to Bertrand Russell





2001 Normand Baillargeon. La lueur d'une bougie. Citoyenneté et pensée critique. Montréal, Fides. "À Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)
«La vie bonne est celle qui est guidée par la raison et inspirée par l'amour»"
1983 [an intended dedication:]

Karl R. Popper. Realism and the Aim of Science, Vol. 3 from the Postscript to the Logic of Scientific Discovery. Ed. W.W. Bartley, III. Totowa, N.J.: Rowman and Littlefield.

The Acknowledgements, which seem to be identical in all 3 volumes of the Postscript, are divided into 1959 and 1981 sections. The latter states: "Had the Postscript been published in the 1950s, I should have dedicated it to Bertrand Russell: Professor Bartley has told me that a letter to this effect exists in the Russell Archives at McMaster University." (P. xviii) (Yes.) BR wrote Popper that he felt much honoured by his intended dedication:
"TO BERTRAND RUSSELL | whose lucidity | sense of proportion
and devotion to truth | have set us an unattainable standard | of philosophical writing." Grattan-Guinness in his "Russell and Karl Popper" says by 1983 "Popper had forgotten the planned dedication" (Russell, n.s. 12 [1992]: 9). Bartley replaced Russell as dedicatee.
1975 Harry Ruja, ed. Mortals and Others: Bertrand Russell's American Essays, 1931-1935, Vol. 1. London: Allen & Unwin. "I may be permitted to add that Lord Russell knew of the project and approved it, but death prevented his seeing it realised. I dedicate the volume to his revered memory." K.B.
1974 Katharine Tait. My Father Bertrand Russell. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. "To the memory of my father | And the future of my children | This book is affectionately dedicated | By the link between them." K.B.
1972 Magar Edward Magar. Adultery and Its Compatibility with Marriage. Monona, Wisconsin: Nefertiti Publishers. "TO | The Memory of | BERTRAND RUSSELL" BRA
1971 Peggy Duff. Left, Left, Left: a Personal Account of Six Protest Campaigns. London: Allison & Buby. " " BRA
1971 Irving M. Copi. The Theory of Logical Types. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul. "To the memory of Bertrand Russell, | a great philosopher and a great man" BRA
1970 Eric Homberger, William Janeway and Simon Schama, eds. The Cambridge Mind: Ninety Years of the Cambridge Review 1879-1969. London: Jonathan Cape. "TO BERTRAND RUSSELL" BRA
1967 Willard Van Orman Quine. Set Theory and Its Logic. Cambridge, Mass.: Belknap P. of Harvard U.P. "To BERTRAND RUSSELL | whose ideas have long loomed large | in this subject and whose writings | inspired my interest in it." K.B.
1965? Alauddin Al Azad. [Hunger and Hope; a Novel]. Dacca, East Pakistan: Pakistan Writers' Guild. "Dedicated to: | BERTRAND RUSSELL | one of the great thinkers of | Twentieth Century, | Humanist Philosopher, | Brave Soldier of Peace, | The Ever-young." BRA
1964 Ernest Gellner. Thought and Change. Weidenfeld and Nicolson. "To | Bertrand Russell" Morris
1962 Graham Whettam. Sinfonia contra timore. London: Redcliffe Recordings [recorded 1975]. "To Bertrand Russell and all other people who suffer imprisonment or other injustice for the expression of their beliefs, or the convenience of politicians and bureaucracies." Warren Allen Smith; Google
1961 Andre Kedros. Le Verrou; roman. "Je dedie ce livre a | SIR BERTRAND RUSSELL | Prix Nobel, | l'un des hommes les plus | lucides le l'Occident." Morris
1958 Ernest Nagel and James R. Newman. Gödel's Proof. New York: New York U.P. "to | Bertrand Russell" K.B.
1955 Margaret Knight. Morals without Religion. London: D. Dobson. "To | BERTRAND RUSSELL | WITH GRATITUDE" Bracers
1933 Alfred Korzybski. Science and Sanity; an Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics. Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Science Press. "TO THE WORKS OF: | ... | Bertrand Russell | ... | WHICH HAVE GREATLY INFLUENCED MY ENQUIRY, | THIS SYSTEM IS DEDICATED" T. G. McFadden on Google
1930 Lancelot Hogben. The Nature of Living Matter. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner. "TO BERTRAND RUSSELL" Google
1930 Jean Ayling [Dorothy Wrinch]. The Retreat from Parenthood. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner. "To My Friends | M | S | and | R | in gratitude and affection" BRA
1924 Jean Nicod. La Géométrie dans le monde sensible. "À mon maître Bertrand Russell, membre de la Société Royale d'Angleterre, en temoignage de reconnaissante affection" Bracers, B&R
1905 R.C. Trevelyan. The Birth of Parsival. London: Longmans, Green. "TO | B. A. W. R." BRA

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