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Raise a Concern or Complaint

Learn more about the processes of the Policy and where you can go to raise a concern or a complaint.

Where do I go if I have a concern?

The Intake Offices

You have the option of contacting one of the following 4 offices to get advice on your concern. Some offices are only available to certain Community Members. Please see below for further information about which office is available to you.

EIO Equity and Inclusion Office

(formerly Human Rights and Equity Services)

Available to all Community Members

ELR Employee/Labour Relations, in the Office of Human Resources Services

Available to staff and faculty members

FHSPO Faculty of Health Sciences Professionalism Office

Available to all Community Members in the Faculty of Health Sciences

SSCM Student Support & Case Management

Available to all Community Members, where the Respondent is a student

Alternative Points of Access

Instead of contacting an Intake Office, you have the option of speaking with:

Icon of a Person of Authority

Person in Authority

Your Supervisor

Icon of Office Door

University Office

a University office you trust for support or advice such as the Ombuds Office, Chaplaincy Centre, Student Wellness Centre, Residence Life Office, etc.

Icon of People

Other Individuals

Other individuals, groups or associations you trust for support or advice (such as a union, faculty association, student association, etc.

A comprehensive list of resources, supports, and alternate avenues for redress is available here.

Understand the Limits to Confidentiality and Reporting Requirements

Individuals on campus have different reporting duties that may limit their confidentiality. Please ask the Supervisor or Office what their level of confidentiality is before disclosing your concern or complaint.

Procedural Guidelines

Content Coming Soon.

The Procedures of the Policy

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