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McMaster University

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University Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

McMaster University Policies, Procedures and Guidelines which have been approved by the Senate and/or the Board of Governors can be accessed from this site. Links have also been provided to policies and procedures specific to areas such as Human Resources, Financial Services/Accounts Payable and the Libraries. Within each of the categories there are titles which narrow the subject information. From these titles the policy document can be selected.

Each policy, procedure or guideline contains information at the start which includes the position responsible for developing and maintaining the document and a contact department. If you require further information or clarification, simply click on the contact department name to send them a message via e-mail.

Documents on this site are deleted, amended or added on an ongoing basis by the University Secretariat. If there is a discrepancy between the electronic policy and the written copy, the written copy prevails.

For information concerning adding a document or a link to this listing, please e-mail us at Policy. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Related Topics

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

This legislation now applies to Ontario Universities. More information is available from the University Secretariat

Administrative Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Additional operational and administrative policies and guidelines can be found on the website of the Vice-President (Administration)