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McMaster Research Ethics Board Cleared Protocols

The Ethics Board has a Feedback Form if you as a participant wish to comment on research you have participated in. Please go this link < Here >. The Ethics Office will respond as soon as they can if you leave contact information.

Justice for Youth: and Legal Milestones - A Summary of Age-Based and Non-Aged Based legal age for decision making and consent in Ontario

A Participant's Bill of Rights

Information and Privacy Commissioner / Ontario

Standard Statement on Consent Forms cleared by the McMaster Research Ethics Board:

Information about Participating as a Study Subject:
(Alt. wording …. Rights of Research Participants)

If you have questions or require more information about the study itself, please contact…. (insert name of principal or co-investigator)

This study has been reviewed and cleared by the McMaster Research Ethics Board. If you have concerns or questions about your rights as a participant or about the way the study is conducted, you may contact:

McMaster Research Ethics Board Secretariat
Telephone: (905) 525-9140 ext. 23142
c/o Office of Research Services