Introduction to Information for Research Participants

The information on these pages may be of interest to participants in non-medical research at McMaster.

  • The Tri-Council Policy Statement is the over-riding national policy relating to reearch involving human participants.
  • Relevant links to Rights as Research Participants
  • The General Guidelines Document describes the application of Tri-Council Policy to research ethics at McMaster.
  • The section on who to contact provides the names and contact information for the appropriate University personnel in the event that a research participant needs more information, or wishes to make a comment or complaint.
  • The Ethics Board has a Feedback Form if you as a participant wish to comment on research you have participated in. Please go this link < Here >. The Ethics Office will respond as soon as they can if you leave contact information.
  • Effective January 1, 2006, it is the policy of MREB to post a list of MREB approved protocols on the Research Ethics website. Posted information usually includes: Project Number, Title of Project: Names of Investigators, Department of Principal Investigator, and Type of Project; (i.e. PhD; Faculty; Masters etc.) Researchers may request that the title of their project be eliminated from these data. In all cases this request will be honoured, but the researcher will be asked to provide a reason for making the request for the information of the Board. Here is the list of the SREC protocols approved by the Student Research Ethics Committees (SREC).

Question: As a participant in research what can I do if I have ethical concerns about the proposed research after I read the consent form and letter of information?

Answer: Every consent form should have contact information for the researchers, and the research ethics board that approved the research. If you have any specific ethical concerns about the research projects you should call the research ethics officer. You should be informed about the nature of the study, feel free to participate and give consent, and be able to withdraw, for whatever reason, without consequence.