Faculty/Grad & Staff Ethics Submission Process

  • Please read the “Helpful Hints” on the application form (place your cursor on blue highlighted text and a hints box will appear) or if you have any additional questions please contact our office (ext. 26117 or ext. 23142)
  • There is no deadline for submitting applications to the McMaster Research Ethics Board or the Student Research Ethics Committees. Applications are sent for review within a few days of being submitted.
  • Hardcopy or email submission: You can send a hard copy of your application and supporting documents or drop them off to Michael Wilson C/O Ethics Office ORS, Gilmour Hall Room 305/H McMaster University.  When submitting by email, attach your application and supporting documents in an email to ethicsoffice@mcmaster.ca or mwilson@mcmaster.ca, (both emails go to Michael Wilson) and mail or drop off the signature page (containing the original signatures) to Michael Wilson C/O Ethics Office ORS, Gilmour Hall Room 305/H McMaster University. Be sure to clearly type/print names next to signatures so this page can be identified as yours and placed with your application.
  • Once you submit your application for review you should receive an “ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of RECEIPT” email. If you don't receive this email  please contact us to ensure your application has been received.
  • The ethics review process can sometimes be slow. Follow-up calls are welcomed and encouraged (ext. 23142xt. Or ext. 26117) if you are anxious about the timing of your research, or have any questions.
  • The Review process: Once submitted, an ethics application is forwarded to two Research Ethics Board reviewers plus the Chair. You will hear back from the Chair by email regarding the results of the review.