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Reviewers Checklist: Student Protocols

1. Research Methodology

a) Is the research question clearly stated and is the research design appropriate to the research question?

b) Is there some educational value in the project which justifies the involvement of human participants?

2. Data Collection Tools

a) Are the data collection tools (interviews, questionnaires, surveys, etc) described in enough detail for you to assess their appropriateness and utility?

b) Do the data collection tools involve any personal, sensitive or incriminating topics or questions?

3. Recruitment of Participants

a) Are the criteria for the choice of participant population equitable? (i.e. no unjustified exclusions based on race, gender, culture, religion, sexual orientation, etc.)

b) Are there any concerns about inappropriate inducement?

c) Does the recruitment process violate the participant’s privacy in any way?

4. Benefits and Harms

a) Does the research meet the criteria for student projects as outlined in the guidelines for ethics review of course-based research projects?

5. Consent Form/Letter of Information

a) Do the consent form and/or letter of information adequately address the following:

  • The nature and purpose of the research;
  • What participation in the research means for the participant;
  • That they will be free to withdraw from participation at any time with no adverse consequences;
  • How the data will be stored, and whether or not confidentiality and/or anonymity are assured;
  • Who can answer questions about the research, including student and instructor contact information

b) Are the consent form/letter of information in layman’s language and devoid of technical jargon?

6. Privacy and Confidentiality

a) Will the data be kept secure?

b) How will confidentiality and/or anonymity be assured?

7. Feedback

a) Will the participants be advised of the results of the project?

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