Implementation - Funded Initiatives

Strategic Priorities Fund (budget of $2.274m)

The fiscal situation in 2006/07 has necessitated the suspension of the allocation of the Strategic Priorities Fund for one year. It is anticipated that the funding will resume in 2007/08 but that will be dependent on the University's fiscal situation.

Each investment supports specific strategies to achieve well-defined targets. Performance indicators, timelines and evaluation criteria will be developed to assess the effectiveness of each investment. The following proposals were approved for one time funding in 2004/05 and 2005/06, totaling an investment of over $5m.

Goal: To provide an innovative and stimulating learning environment where students can prepare themselves to excel in life.

  • 3-D visualization resources in Science ($50k per year for up to three years)
  • Additional support to the Registrar for recruitment and admissions ($150k)
  • First year Biology equipment ($175k)
  • Humanities funding to do renovations in the computer labs, Lyons Instructional Media Centre and Communication Studies and Multimedia offices ($200k)
  • Mathematics and Statistics curriculum restructuring for Engineering students ($100k)
  • Outbound exchange student funding ($100k)
  • Social Sciences Instructional Assistant ($55k)
  • Social Sciences web support ($54k)
  • WebCT first year anatomy ($27k)
  • Undergraduate Education Priorities ($600k over two years awarded to the Centre for Leadership and Learning)
  • Recruitment and Liaison ($200k over two years)
  • Redesign Introductory Psychology ($90k)
  • Funding for Inquiry and Service Learning Course Development in Social Sciences ($111k)
  • Integration of research and teaching in the Department of Anthropology ($10k)


Goal: To achieve the next level in research results and reputation by building on existing and emerging areas of excellence.

  • Collaboration for Health project support ($460k over two years)
  • Elsevier Science Direct journals back editions ($100k)
  • Graduate Studies recruiting ($85k)
  • MBA Recruiting ($100k)
  • Support for new and existing Science graduate programs ($75k per year for three years)


Goal: To build an inclusive community with a shared purpose

  • Addressing workplace bullying ($12k)
  • Coordinating transcript information for undergraduate students and continuing education students ($36k)
  • Disability Leader to take a leading role in the area of disabilities related to employees and students ($150k over two years)
  • Human Right and Equity Accessibility Standards Audit Plan development ($100k)
  • Development of a student portal ($1.2m)
  • English as a Second Language Program ($150k)
  • Inclusive Community staff position ($120k over two years)
  • Diversity Café (Bridges) ($100k)
  • Inspiration Scholarship for Women in Engineering ($100k over two years)
  • Inter-generational Learning Centre in Social Sciences ($30k)


Critical Success Factor: Effective Institutional Support

  • Integrated marketing strategy ($256k)


Critical Success Factor: Be Nimble and Efficient

  • Business Intelligence Project ($500k)