2003 McMaster Review

The Review is posted as a pdf. To view the issues, you will need Adobe Acrobat. To download Acrobat, please click here.



January 2003

  • Young volunteers receive
  • Queen's Medal
  • Meeting McMaster's Canada
  • Research Chairs
  • Bertrand Russell's writings go online

February 2003

  • Science comes to the city
  • Progressive times in engineering
  • Eric Brown battles super bugs
  • Commonwealth games bid holds great promise

March 2003

  • Passionate spirit drives director
  • Building a better learning environment
  • New approaches to discovery
  • A biophysicist's groundbreaking technique

April 2003

  • New MSU president ready to take the reigns
  • Mac on track for health and safety
  • Solving the mysteries of blood transfusion allergies
  • MSU Teaching Award winners
  • Treasures of the McMaster archives

May 2003

  • Student leaders win Honour M
  • On the front lines: Mark Loeb helps fights SARS
  • Behind the scenes at
  • Convocation
  • Medical radiation sciences program fills need
  • Honesty is the best policy
  • Play ball!

June 2003

  • Commendation to Mac Security
  • And the winners are...
  • Summer on McMaster's campus
  • Commonwealth Welcome
  • Stargazing success
  • International Mac Grads

September 2003

  • New Social Sciences dean
  • Putting a new spin on learning
  • Exploring world news coverage
  • Easing the parking crunch
  • Using math to tackle deadly viruses
  • Gearing up for the double cohort

October 2003

  • Cycling championships
  • New dean of Humanities
  • Big things come in small packages
  • Science in the City
  • Cost-effective health care
  • Double cohort support

November 2003

  • Math building opens
  • Advice for med students
  • Solving recruiters' riddles
  • Care for the caregiver
  • From pets to patents
  • Residence life at Keyes

December 2003

  • Mac's lifesavers
  • Grappling for gold
  • Surviving the exam crunch
  • Community of Distinction
  • Molecular "lighthouses"
  • Learning the lingo