Mummy expert available to discuss possible discovery of new chambers in Tut's tomb

HAMILTON, Mar. 17, 2016- A McMaster University anthropologist specializing in ancient Egyptian mummies is available to discuss the possible discovery of new chambers in the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Andrew Wade, an assistant professor of Anthropology and the founder of the Mummipedia Project, focuses on the radiological study of mummified and skeletal human and animal remains and the materials and technologies used in their preservation.

He says modern technology and ancient history are converging to create and exciting opportunity to confirm the hypothesis of British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves that there are additional chambers in the tomb, based on marks observed in the plaster during a high-resolution scan of the tomb.

"Despite the relative unimportance of Tutankhamun historically, his tomb represents the only unlooted tomb of a pharaoh that archaeologists have discovered to date. The idea that we have yet to fully explore that tomb, and that there are additional chambers also filled with artifacts (and possibly further human remains) is a unique opportunity to gather more information about ancient Egypt and its people," Wade says.

"This is also a fantastic example of the power of current technologies to provide us with non-destructive means of testing a hypothesis as much as possible before performing any destructive work on this example of invaluable cultural heritage to definitively test it. It's also a fine example of innovation of technology and technique to meet anthropology's research needs that may go on to find other practical applications outside of research."

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