August 25, 2010



Student-run market at McMaster University promotes local farmers


Hamilton, Ont. August 25, 2010A student’s passion for local food has resulted in the
establishment of a mini farmer’s market at McMaster University.

“It’s a completely not-for-profit venture,” says Mary Koziol, president of the McMaster Student Union,“but it’s a start in terms of offering healthy and local options to those who study, work and visit the McMaster campus. The ability to provide fresh produce on campus will really encourage students to do their own cooking and consume more fruits and vegetables.”

This idea was brought forward by students last year, and Koziol decided to make it part of her platform when she ran for MSU president.

The Ottawa-native has patronized farmer’s markets for many years and wanted to see how the concept would work in a campus environment. “I’m excited that it’s coming together,” she says. “This has meant bringing several partners to the table—the MSU, McMaster University’s Hospitality Services, the Office of Sustainability and of course the farmers—and so it’s something all of us want to succeed.”

The farmer’s market will debut tomorrow (August 26). Depending on the growing season, the market will run each Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. until mid October. Farm produce will be delivered to the oval in front of University Hall where McMaster students will operate the stands.

Local farms participating are Simpler Thyme in Flamborough, Two Century Farm in Grimsby, and Busy Liz’s Farm Shop in Campbellville. Produce for sale will vary depending on the growing season but Koziol says it will include lots of fruit, particularly peaches; a wide variety of vegetables; and preserves such as honey, jams, and maple syrup. Recipes will be available, as will information on the importance of supporting local-grown food.




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