April 13 , 2010




Scientists working in new Centre for Climate


Hamilton, Ont. April 13, 2010The impact of climate change is one of the most critical
challenges facing the planet. McMaster University’s new Centre for Climate Change has been established to better study the various manifestations of climate change. Encompassing four faculties and more than 20 professors and their students, the Centre will conduct research in seven key areas:
physical climate and modeling; water resources and hydroclimate; ecosystem impacts and adaptations; paleoclimate and isotopes; infrastructure impacts; human health and societal impacts; and sustainability, resilience and public policy.

“Until now, there hasn't been a forum to showcase the climate-related research going on across campus,” said Altaf Arain, the Centre's director, and associate professor, Department of Geography & Earth Sciences. “Our ultimate goal is to improve the environment, human health and the management of natural resources.”

The following professors will be associated with the McMaster Centre for Climate Change:

· Spatial Analysis and Transportation: Pavlos Kanaroglou, professor, School of Geography & Earth Sciences, and director of the McMaster Institute for Transportation and Logistics

· Biodiversity, coastal wetlands: Pat Chow-Fraser, professor and chair, Department of
Biology chowfras@mcmaster.ca

· Environmental and health impacts: John Eyles, Distinguished University Professor, School of Geography & Earth Sciences eyles@mcmaster.ca

· Environmental and health impacts: Susan Elliott, professor, School of Geography & Earth Sciences elliotts@mcmaster.ca

· Hydro-meteorology and Climatology, climate change modeling, Climate impacts of
Altaf Arain, associate professor, and director, Centre for Climate Change

· Environmental geophysics and Climate and paleoenvironmental reconstruction: Joseph Boyce, associate professor, School of Geography & Earth Sciences boycej@mcmaster.ca

· Coastal archeology, catastrophic coastal systems: Ed Reinhardt, associate professor,
School of Geography & Earth Sciences ereinhar@mcmaster.ca

· Plate tectonics and Geological deformation: Ulrich Riller, professor, School of Geography
& Earth Sciences rilleru@mcmaster.ca

· Environmental geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, organic contaminants, microbial
Greg Slater, associate professor, School of Geography & Earth Sciences

· Groundwater contamination and Hydrometeorology: James Smith, professor, School of
Geography & Earth Sciences smithja@mcmaster.ca

· Ecohydrology and Wetland restoration: Mike Waddington, professor, School of Geography& Earth Science wadding@mcmaster.ca

· Aqueous trace geochemistry and Microbial -geochemistry: Lesley Warren, professor, School of Geography & Earth Science warren@mcmaster.ca

· Therapeutic landscapes and Urban/rural health and care: Allison Williams, associate
professor, School of Geography & Earth Sciences awill@mcmaster.ca

· Infrastructure (Concrete bridges, buildings, pipelines): Ghani Razaqpur, professor and
Chair, Department of Civil Engineering, director, Centre for Effective Design of Structures

· Environmental Policy and Great Lakes: Gail Krantzberg, professor Department of Civil
Engineering, and director, Centre for Engineering & Public Policy krantz@mcmaster.ca

· Water resources, hydrologic modeling, statistical and dynamic data-driven methods in
hydrology: Paulin Coulibaly, associate professor, Department of Civil Engineering/School of
Geography & Earth Sciences couliba@mcmaster.ca

· Earthquake engineering, geotechnical engineering: Peijun Guo, associate professor,
Department of Civil Engineering guop@mcmaster.ca

· Water resources, environmental hydraulics: Ioannis Tsanis, professor, Department of Civil Engineering tsanis@mcmaster.ca

· Social and political philosophy: Diane Enns, assistant professor, Philosophy, and director, Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition ennsd@mcmaster.ca

· Environmental sociology: Charlene Miall, professor, Sociology miallce@mcmaster.ca

· Disease and environment: Mark Loeb, associate professor, departments of Pathology &
Molecular Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics loebm@mcmaster.ca




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